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Putting down roots. Joining a community. These are some of the phrases used to describe the excitement and commitment of buying a home or property.


When it comes to residential real estate, buyers and sellers need real estate attorneys who work tirelessly to negotiate fair and reasonable terms, avoid potential pitfalls, and decipher contracts. Clients have relied on Balsamo & Rosenblatt for over 25 years to represent and resolve their legal matters. Balsamo & Rosenblatt has substantial experience handling landlord/tenant matters including non-payment and holdover proceedings based on owner occupancy, non-primary residence, illegal subletting, and breach of lease.

Balsamo & Rosenblatt

Whether you are managing your first property, facing a lawsuit from a tenant, or issuing your first eviction, Balsamo & Rosenblatt is ready to provide you with experienced and knowledgeable counsel. The skilled attorneys advise and represent landlords and tenants in all matters relating to the leasing of residential and commercial properties in New York City.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, with the skilled team of Balsamo & Rosenblatt on your side, you can be sure that every option has been explored to your best advantage and to minimize your exposure to unnecessary risk. We have been providing our clients with the most professional, economical, and efficient legal services available since 1988.

History and Mission

By employing a highly credentialed team of attorneys, and well-trained, experienced legal support professionals, Balsamo & Rosenblatt continued to ensure legal excellence and quality representation for their clients. With a successful formula combining aggressive representation and legal competency with a caring and compassionate client centered approach, Balsamo & Rosenblatt’s practice grew rapidly.

For over 25 years, clients have relied on Balsamo & Rosenblatt’s expertise to represent and resolve their legal issues. Balsamo & Rosenblatt has a comprehensive understanding of commercial and residential Landlord/Tenant issues, such as non-payment and holdover proceedings, based on such grounds as owner occupancy, non-primary residence, illegal subletting and breach of lease.

If you are a New York City renter who has been harassed, discriminated against, or illegally evicted, we are here for you and are committed to helping you recover money for your losses. We believe that all members of our community, regardless of their financial resources, are entitled to legal representation.